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Creative Process

     When composing on the computer I usually don't know what the outcome will be. The process is improvisational and requires trusting that worthwhile results will emerge in time. It also requires most of all being playful and willing to simply explore various directions as they occur.

     Generally the internal conversation begins, "Let's try this" or "I wonder what that will do?"  Somewhere along the way, however it begins to shift and I notice myself saying more frequently, "No, that's not it'  or "Yes, that's closer to it." Finally, I feel like a destination has been reached - "IT" - the image.

     "IT", the resulting image, is generally intended to leave a viewer with a lot of room to engage their own imagination and creativity. I want my paintings to have a long shelf life, to offer surprises over time to those who are willing to look closely and utilize their own creativity  and imagination while interacting with my work. Abstract art shouldn't be digested too quickly. Hopefully it will grow over time as one is able to reflect upon it more in their specific way.

     Finally an image can be further appreciated when placed in a meaningful context. That is why I am drawn to creating paintings that can be viewed as an improvisational series.  Like a journey where certain stops along the way may be equally (or more) gratifying than the final destination. I want people to be free to decide for themselves.

     If you haven't already, play the short movie I put together.                        It provides an illustration of the compositional process which resulted in the 5 paintings located below.


The Pegasus Process

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