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About the artist

About the Artist
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      In  a short video entitled  "The Pegasus Process"  Jack shares a single compositional effort during a twelve month period in 2005-2006. It resulted in 67 images or stages, five of which became formal paintings (see the Creative Process page). "Although I think each of these paintings can stand on its own merits, it is my hope that seen in a larger, more fluid context, viewers will have an opportunity to appreciate that the journey is as rewarding as the destination."

      Jack's abstract pieces are intended to engage the viewer's imagination. "As a young boy, I used to enjoy looking at the wood ceiling over my bed.  The knots and grain of the pine boards contained a world of shapes and images. Now I like to create images that allow people to discover images of their own in my paintings - images which may differ from what I saw when composing it. Although this makes the viewer work a bit harder, it also allows the art to hold more surprises and interest over time."

      Jack & his wife, Laurie live in rural Belvidere, NJ.


      Recently (February 2020), Jack's painting, "Chess Game," won the Garth Howard Award (1st Place) at the Lehigh Art Alliance 85th Annual Spring Exhibition.


      Jack Dickerson was born in 1952 and grew up in Palisades Park, New Jersey. As an undergraduate at Rutgers University, Jack studied improvisational music and psychology. In 1980 he earned a master's degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and in 1984 he earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. While in school Jack performed as a guitarist and began developing his skills as a painter.  The principles learned from playing improvisational music have informed Jack's approach to the other arts of psychotherapy and painting. All three disciplines require blending technical expertise, spontaneity, and an openness to exploration.

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