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Info for Mounting and Shipping your Print


     All prints are shipped - rolled and unmounted - unless otherwise specified.  This assures that your print will arrive undamaged at the lowest possible cost.  It can then be mounted and framed by a local professional.  The three mounting options on the right should be considered in your decision regarding the type of print you order.

      This traditionally mounted canvas is recommended for those who intend to place a frame over the print (see below) thus covering the edges of the canvas.  The frame lends added support to the thinner stretcher bars and maintains the tauntness of the stretched canvas.

















    B & C Canvas wrap mounts offer an alternative to traditional framing.  The initial mounting cost is  greater  due to the more substantial stretcher bars required.  However this cost is typically more than offset as no additional framing is required. 

















     The sturdier stretcher bars also offer greater support for larger works. They are ideal for those who wish to float a wrapped canvas in a frame. Example below.



















For an additional charge, we can ship a mounted print using option A, B or C.

A  Traditional Mount for Framing

B  Black Border Gallery Wrap 1.5"

C  Extended Image Gallery Wrap  1.50"

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