Many people prefer

representational art or

“pictures of something

clearly identifiable.”

Jack’s works of this type

include landscapes,
portraits of people and
     The contemporary
gallery includes paintings
that are more explorative
and playful.  This is where
with representational
subjects and various
concepts are developed
and then expanded. 
Nothing is off limits.
Creativity is the driving
     Jack’s most abstract works
attempt to tickle the viewer in
a different manner. These are
images intended to allow
people to see things of their
own in his paintings. While
this requires participation of
the viewer’s imagination it also
allows the art to hold unique
surprises and interest over time. 
As Jack urges, "Don’t be
frightened of abstract art or its
call to your imagination -
particularly if the work clearly
suggests a serious work ethic
behind it.  It will grow on you
and offer new surprises as you
spend more time with it."
     This gallery is comprised of
digitally created images. 
Although capable of standind on
their own merit some will serve
as protoypes for future hand
rendered original paintings.
     Finally, the Vermeer gallery is dedicated to a personal indulgence, reproductions of paintings by Johannes Vermeer. It stems from a special experience he had in 1996 while viewing Vermeer"s  artwork at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C..  We hope you enjoy the art and feel free to let us know what you think.

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